We at Adina

Each Adina team member has extensive experience on all things technical communication.

Anu Granroth

Anu Granroth

CEO, co-founder

Anu is Adina’s CEO. In addition to the more normal CEO duties, Anu leads many of the Adina customer projects, gives customers consultation in many areas related to technical communications, and creates training materials and holds trainings. Anu has graduated from the University of Oulu and by training, she is an English and French teacher, but has spent most of her career in the field of technical communications.
Anu started as a technical writer, and later moved on to information designer and project manager roles. Prior to founding Adina, Anu managed the customer support portfolio of Microsoft Mobile phones and phone accessories.
The user friendliness of both products and user guides are very important to Anu and she’s the users’ voice in many of her projects. Anu is especially interested in improving quality assurance, content creation, and localization processes. She has spoken in many international conferences on various topics related to technical communications. 
Out of office: Anu has two pre-teen daughters, so she is quite busy also outside the working hours. Anu likes to spend her free time reading pretty much everything from newspapers to poetry in Finnish, English, French, or Swedish. And if there is any extra free time, she spends it learning to play the piano.
Laura Katajisto

Laura Katajisto

CTO, co-founder

Laura is Adina’s CTO. Laura has graduated from the University of Tampere where she specialised in technical communication and hypermedia (as it was known at the time). Currently Laura’s thinking whether or not return to the university and aim to a doctorate degree.

Laura has been working in various technical communication roles since 2002 at Nokia and Microsoft. Like Anu, Laura started as a technical writer and information designer. Being technically oriented, Laura soon evolved into IT-like roles and acquired the ITIL Foundation Certificate on IT service design and became a Certified ScrumMaster. Laura participated and later led the development of three amazingly efficient content management systems and has spoken in several international conferences on topics such as DITA, content creation for responsive websites and mobile devices, and social media as a form of customer support.

In addition to technical communication, Laura has plenty of know-how of design management, graphics design, photography, web design, UI and UX design, and digital marketing.

Out of office: Laura is a geek with plenty of gadgets from Indiegogo and Kickstarter on her shelves. She’s an active photographer and gamer and spends her time playing with her cats (and her toons in World of Warcraft), following her racehorses, and trying to be her own Masterchef-at-Home. Laura’s secondary “career” is in the Finnish Technical Communication Society, where her current roles are webmaster and social media manager.

Minna Brown

Minna Brown

Senior Account Manager, co-founder

Minna is one of Adina’s two Senior Account Managers. Like Laura, she’s a graduate of the University of Tampere and a PMP cerfitied project manager.

Minna is an extremely experienced project manager who doesn’t get ruffled easily. For most of her 16-year Nokia/Microsoft career Minna worked as a project manager, leading projects that delivered user guides for all sorts of products from phones to their accessories, software and apps. Before becoming a project manager, Minna worked as a technical writer and documentation coordinator.

Minna has a strong technical communication background (as we all do in Adina) and knows every inch of content creation processes. At Adina, Minna manages all kinds of projects, handling scheduling, budget, risk management, stakeholder communications and if required, additional service providers such as printhouses for printed materials. Minna’s been working for years as a leader for virtual teams on multiple different timezones. Minna is a very clear communicator and can make the most complicated projects feel simple.

Out of office: Minna loves exercise (running, biking and different sorts of gym classes) and reading and is an evangelist for recycling. Minna also sings in a choir and tries to find time for her old hobby, handicrafts.

Maaret Johansson

Maaret Johansson

Senior Account Manager, co-founder

Maaret is the other Senior Account Manager at Adina, and she also hails from the University of Tampere.

Maaret worked for Nokia/Microsoft for 15 years, first as a translation coordinator and project manager and then as team leader and then as a program manager. Before technical communication, Maaret worked in translation agencies and in social and health welfare projects.

Maaret’s specialisation is strategic planning, business and risk management and vendor relations. Just like Minna, Maaret’s an expert in leading virtual teams and development projects. Maaret’s also very skillful planner and keeps things rolling foward.

Out of office: Maaret loves salsa and zumba, spends time with her kids, and tries to read whenever possible. Languages and cultures are also very interesting to Maaret.

Indi Liepa


Indi has over 25 years of experience with companies such as Bell Labs Lucent Technologies, Nokia and Microsoft as well as smaller companies in roles that span technical communications and IT from Technical Writer, to Information Designer, Concept Owner, Information Architect, Enterprise Architect, Product Owner and Process Manager.

What drives her is doing things smarter and better, regardless of the technologies used. This has led to her getting more and more interested in content management systems, improving processes, leveraging taxonomies and exploiting new architectures and technologies.
She was a founding member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and represented Nokia in the formalization of the first DITA XML standard and played a significant role in bringing the architecture to the enterprise. She has been a speaker at international conferences on implementing DITA.

She has experience of agile development, implementing lean processes and running complex enterprise-level projects.

Out of office: Indi loves long walks, travelling, learning languages, enjoying nature and gardening as well as trying to play golf.

Leena Id

Content Strategist

Leena’s role at Adina focuses mainly on content strategy development and project management. She’s been in the technical communication business since early 2000, and has experience from technical writing, project management, and development roles in the area. She is also a PMP certified Project Manager, and has a good understanding on scope, schedule, cost, risk, and communication management. Leena is accustomed to leading and working with virtual project teams. Her educational background is very versatile with Master’s degrees in the English language, Biology and Education. She has worked in a variety of fields in tech comms, from telecommunications to heavy machinery and from network cameras to medical devices.

Leena is very interested in content and process quality areas and how those impact the end-user experience. She loves delving into key business and user insights to extract relevant content requirements with improved content strategy in mind. She also likes to develop and streamline processes related to content and project management. She has been involved in development projects that aim to improve, for example, content style, look & feel of deliverables and localization and terminology processes.

Out of office: Leena loves dancing in any shape or form. Flamenco is especially close to her heart, but she also takes the odd lessons in ballroom and latin dances. When not dancing, she engages in Zumba and jogging. Leena also enjoys a variety of cultural experiences from theatre plays to musical concerts, and you cannot keep her away from relaxing spas.


Ulla Ojanen

Content creator

Ulla has an MA degree in English translation and interpretation. In 1996, she received a phone call from Nokia Mobile Phones asking her to come and work as a technical writer. For the next 14 years she wrote user guides for various Nokia devices and services, and then moved on to train and guide other writers, develop processes and tools, carry out user studies, and control the quality of technical writing.

Ulla is passionate about making documentation quick, efficient, and low cost without compromising quality and usability. Her favourite subjects are modular documentation and re-use. Since Ulla owned the Nokia/Microsoft Mobile style guide, one of her first tasks at Adina was to write a style guide for the company.

Out of office: Outside of office hours, you can find Ulla growing veg in her kitchen garden or walking in the woods with her two dogs. During winter, she tends to her seedlings, reads gardening books, and knits.

Eija Mattila

Content creator, information designer

Eija graduated from Tampere University as a teacher of English and Swedish, but was later drawn to the world of Nokia and technical documentation. In Nokia projects, she wrote manuals and descriptions for Nokia network elements and later moved to editing the user guides of Nokia mobile phones and developing the style of the user guides.

Eija has a lot of experience in writing structured, modular documentation. Eija has also created documentation for medical devices (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI) and heavy machinery. These products familiarised her with product safety and the related safety texts.

Out of office: From April until late in the autumn, Eija’s life is all about playing golf and spending time at the summer cottage. Her wintertime hobbies are hiking, gym, and going to the theatre.

Markku Vesa

Technical writer

Working under the title of Technical Writer at Adina, Markku is busy in several projects especially as a DTP specialist. Markku is also studying English and Game Studies at the university, and found his way to Adina after his Technical Communications specialization programme.

In his studies Markku has specifically focused on usability in addition to the English language. Usability and the fluency of language are both essential in documentation both in the layout and in the text itself, and technical writing gives Markku the opportunity to use his wide theoretical background in practice.

Out of office: Markku sings the bass in a choir, plays the guitar, plays video games, and draws art.

Katri Rask

Localisation coordinator

Katri works at Adina as a Localisation Coordinator. Originally Katri studied at Tampere University and her major was German translation. Her minor subjects at university were Finnish Communication, Journalism and English translation.

Katri’s professional career started as English-Finnish translator at a translation agency and she also participated testing several Nokia phone language versions on those early days. Katri found a longer-term job at Nokia in several customer documentation teams, in which she quickly moved from technical writing tasks to various localisation team roles. Main development tasks Katri took care of in her localisation specialist role were fine-tuning translation processes and tools to meet especially the requirements of mass-translation activities plus lowering the ultimate translation costs with the help of reuse and correctly synched translation memories.
Katri has also worked as Service advisor in a customer care team in charge of pay-television matters.

Out of office: Katri’s favorite hobbies are reading and outdoor activities with her dog plus junior ice-hockey from the view point of an active parent.

Katja Aarnio

Localisation coordinator

Katja works at Adina as a Localisation Coordinator. Katja studied at Tampere University and just like Katri, her major was German translation. Her minor subjects at university were Finnish Communication, Law and English translation.

Katja’s international career started at Nokia where she worked as a translation coordinator. As a localisation specialist, she handled localisation and publishing process development activities as well as regular day-to-day operative work. Katja is especially interested in validation as part of the localisation process. In addition to project management, Katja is eager to learn more about finances and cost-efficiency, and thus she studies business management part-time. 

Out of office: When Katja’s not working or studying, she’s reading or baking. Katja has four children, and their hobbies provide her a nice amount of support tasks from transportation to, well, baking.


Heli Kakko

Localisation and publishing coordinator

Heli works as a Localisation and Publishing Coordinator in Adina’s customer projects. In this role, Heli handles the translation and validation work and localisation quality control and continuous improvement. In addition, Heli does online publishing.

Heli has graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Heli used to work at R&D programs at Nokia Networks as a Review Coordinator as well as at Information and Library Services at Nokia Mobile Phones. Hence, working in global teams and with large excel spreadsheets is something she knows a lot about.

Heli has been working also at customer service in various restaurants and hotels, so if need be, she can handle any catering task.

Out-of-office: Heli’s three cats, her lovely nieces and occasional trips to Åland Islands keeps her busy at her free time.

Mirka Huhtanen

Project manager

Mirka works as a project manager in Adina. She has graduated from the University of Tampere majoring in English language and information studies.

Mirka started her career as a technical writer, and after that she worked a few years as a team leader and project manager in content creation and localisation in a software company and a translation agency. Later in Nokia/Microsoft Mirka first led international localisation teams, and after a couple of years’ hop in strategic information services, she worked several years as a project manager in content creation. She worked with mobile phones, accessories and services, and she has also been responsible for the project management process development and guidance.

Mirka’s long and rich experience in varied project management tasks gives her perspective and a strong ability to see what is essential at each point of time in a project.

As a strong believer in continuous learning, Mirka has taken several courses in project management, marketing and leadership during her career. More recent studies include digital marketing, accounting, and Spanish language.

Out of office: At home Mirka takes care of her teenaged kids, two little dogs, a few chicken, and a big garden, where experiments with flowers and bushes keep her busy every summer. A small but important slice of her free time is dedicated for reading, art & music.