In July, in the heat of summer when others were enjoying themselves on the beach, Laura and I sweat at our laptops to get ourselves certificates in technical communication. What was that all about? What is a technical communications certificate?

In Finland, experts in technical communications have diverse educational backgrounds, especially us – shall we say slightly more mature technical communicators. It is great that Vaasa university offers a master’s programme in technical communication, and in the master’s programme in linguistics at Tampere university a student can specialise in technical communication. In addition, the universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä offer some courses in technical communication. But there are no courses or complementary training in technical communication for people who are already fully employed.

However, if you are a professional in technical communication and want to prove it, you can obtain yourself an ITCQF certificate in tech comms. This certificate is governed by the International Technical Communication Qualification Foundation, ITCQF, a community for technical communicators, founded in Poland.

To get the certificate, it is recommended that you participate in a two-day training developed by ITCQF. The training covers the basics in technical communication. Click here for additional info on the training: ITCQF® Certificate for Technical Communication Professionals.

The training is not enough to get the certification. You also need to pass a certification exam. Laura and I passed the exam, and nothing has been so scary for a long time than taking the exam.

The training is also suited for newcomers in the industry as it presents an overall picture of tech comms. Or, if you are for example an HR specialist in a large enterprise and your team includes technical writers and information designers, it is worthwhile to attend the training, as it shows how diverse the tech comms industry is and what skills and expertise technical communicators need to have.

And no, you don’t need to travel to Poland to attend the training. We at Adina offer this training to you both face to face and virtually.