User guides

Technical communication, technical documentation, technical writing, content management – whatever you call this function, that’s what Adina does. We design and create different kinds of user guides for our clients in the size, format, and media that is needed. In addition – or preferably before – we can help you create a customer support strategy or customer support portfolio and other strategic design work.

User guide, noun.

An information product instructing in the use of a device, software or service. Usually contains text, pictures, animations and video. Can be published in print, on a website, or integrated in a device or software.

Adina’s team has created thousands of user guides for different and differently sized products in dozens of languages and in multiple formats. We can create a user guide for you too, no matter whether you approach with a device, software, app or service or whether you need one short document or an entire series of user guides.

We can create, for example

  • Quick start guides or get started guides to help your users get going
  • Longer user guides in different formats for your website
  • Instructions for sales packages
  • Guides or “helps” to devices, software or apps
  • Instructional texts that are integrated in a user interface
  • Installation guides
  • Configuration guides
  • Service manuals

Team tip: Adina’s CEO Anu designs and writes user guides for our clients. The user and the usability of user guides are very dear to Anu and she’s often the “user’s voice” in Adina. However, Anu has a well-rounded experience of user guide creation, since she’s been a writer, a manager, and a business planner, so you can be sure all necessary viewpoints have been considered when Anu is writing your guide.

Our user guide services

When starting a user guide project, we propose our clients a suitable combo from the following services.

Project management

Project planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, stakeholder communication


Designing the graphics and other needed visuals in the needed formats together with the writer

Information design

Creating the user guides’ “table of contents”: designing the order of information


Translation coordination

Handling the RFP process, coordinating the translation work with translation agencies

Layout design

Designing the layout and template for user guides in the needed formats with the client


Publishing the user guide in all necessary formats, languages or channels, or handling publishing coordination on behalf of the client



Writing the content for the user guide, user-centred and based on use cases

Print house coordination

Handling the RFP process, helping with paper selection, optimising user guide print production