In July, I was in Porto, Portugal, to train technical writers in a technical communication summer course. The course was arranged by TCEurope and Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administracao do Porto (I won’t even try to translate that), and it was partly funded by the EU. I gave one half-day training in modular documentation and another half-day in standards and regulations related to technical communication. In 2018, the course was arranged for the first time, and the Finnish Technical Communications Society was represented there by Adina’s Laura and the chair of the society Eeva Viljanen, both of whom also provided trainings. Based on my own experience, I hope that the summer course continues in 2020 as well!

The attendees of the course came from diverse backgrounds: there were language students, information technology students, people who were already employed but wanted to expand their expertise. The students were fantastic. They challenged me, asked questions, and enthusiastically discussed the topics of the day. Training was fun and I also learnt new things myself! Porto is a charming town, and our Portuguese hosts were very kind and took good care of us trainers.

That’s not the only place where we’ve been doing training, since Adina has provided tailored trainings to our customers from the start. Our latest training was on Simplified Technical English, given by Laura “excellent grades” Katajisto. Did you know that Laura has also been lecturing in the technical communications training programme of Tampere University for years – since 2002? Currently, Laura is holding the title of adjunct lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology, where she is teaching an online course on Document Project Management during the autumn semester, aided by me, Minna, and Maaret, who all share our expertise in different project management topics on this course.

We have noticed a demand on trainings related to technical communications, but not much supply. Therefore, we now announce Adina’s training services. From autumn 2019 onwards, we will provide regular trainings on various subjects in technical communications. We will start by arranging half a day and one day face-to-face trainings in Tampere, and then expand to webinars and recorded trainings that you are available separately.

To see what kind of trainings we offer during the autumn of 2019 and spring of 2020, check out our Training page. We will add more trainings and dates during this autumn. If the training you need is not in our selection, or you want a training tailored to your company, contact us. Adina will deliver.

– Anu

PS. Photo: Ross Sneddon / Unsplash