Technical communication consulting

Technical communication consulting is one of our three main services. Companies with their own content management team or people writing user guides “on the side” may need an independent, neutral outsider to optimise their processes or solve more difficult technical communication problems. In these cases you can trust the Adina specialists.

As with user guides, no job is too great or small. We’ve done one day “consulting gigs” and helped companies in large projects for months.

Adina’s been going through all kinds of questions with their clients, for example:

  • What does a “good user guide” mean?
  • What is a “bad user guide”?
  • What is structured documentation and why would anyone want to use it?
  • How does DITA work and which ones of these hundreds of elements should I use?
  • What kind of information architecture would best suit our company’s customer support?
  • How should we design taxonomy and metadata for our content?
  • What are the best practices of digital technical communication delivery?
  • How could the existing processes be improved?
  • What kind of tools would be best for producing a company’s technical documentation?
  • Which DITA CCMS would be best suited for our needs?
  • How could we simplify translation and localisation workflows and processes?

Our consulting services

Among others, we can help you with these kinds of tech comms challenges:


Portfolio design, concepting and defining the information products

Taxonomy and metadata

Planning taxonomies, taking metadata into use



Suitability of DITA for a company, implementing DITA, doing migration planning

Quality and usability

Documentation quality criteria, quality improvement, usability analysis


Content management systems (CMS, CCMS)

Needs and requirement analysis, system development


Planning localisation strategies, doing RFIs, RFPs, RFTs, and RFQs