I joined the Adina team in May this year as an intern. The internship is a part of the Technical Communications Programme at the Tampere University, and at Adina I have been able to use my education in practice, and learn even more. The position is attractive not only because of the job itself, but the office location as well.

The Adina office is located in Crazy Town with several other companies in the Tampere city centre. Since I still haven’t finished my studies, I’m happy about not having to move to another city for the summer, but I am especially drawn to the communality of the work place. There are plenty of interesting networking possibilities for a new employee, as one gets to meet professionals from various industries.

During the first weeks of the internship I was introduced to my new job. Work within the field of technical communication can vary considerably depending on the company. Adina surprised me with their openness and constant interaction with other employees. As an intern, it has been very important to feel that I can ask for help whenever I need it, but I have also been able to work alone if I’ve felt like it.

My studies offered a good foundation for the field of work, but working here has surprised me in many ways. First, the enthusiasm of the professionals has motivated me to improve my own expertise. Second, I have noticed how important technical communication is for the customer. A skilled technical communicator takes into account all the needs of the customer, and even consider the needs the customer cannot thoroughly elaborate.

My assignments during the first month at Adina have been diverse and international, and I expect to learn a lot during the summer. I am also looking forward to my career within the field. Technical communication will likely change dramatically over the next decades especially because of AI, but as a writer of natural language and a participant in human interaction, the technical communicator will still be of great importance in the future. It is an interesting time to start working in this line of business.