About a year ago, when we celebrated our third anniversary, we also thought about our strategy for 2020. Among other things, we planned to develop our training offering and talked about a grand tour of Finland for Adina to give trainings in Helsinki and Oulu, for example. However, at the beginning of the year, the happy 20’s turned pretty quickly into something completely different, and we had to change our strategy on the fly. We exited the classroom and speedily digitalised our trainings. Classroom trainings are ideal for interaction, but in the current global situation, we want to offer short and interesting online trainings for our customers. The digitalisation project continues, so keep following our website and social media accounts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat affected our business as well, since some of our customers still suffer from the consequences of meeting and travel restrictions, for example. Nevertheless, we have managed to increase our turnover towards the end of the year. This autumn, we strengthened the Adina team in the areas of localisation coordination and graphics design. Increasingly, our customers as well as we ourselves need to visualise information and materials. Our aim is also to renew Adina’s website and finally publish our knowledge base contents there.

In the area of consulting, we have moved towards management consulting. Technical communications related issues are being interestingly interlinked with larger information and product management systems in companies. When we have begun to develop a company’s content management and localisation processes, we have run into the entire company’s information architecture, taxonomies, search systems, product information management, information safety, information accessibility classification, and many other issues. All these affect the whole company and its strategy, not only the user guide contents. The documentation teams in companies have an interesting touch point to almost every process within the company. In user guide projects, we have been happy to observe that several smaller companies have begun to pay attention to the usability and readability of their user guides. We have offered our help in polishing their existing user guides to be more user friendly, and advised companies on for example how to write text and consider localisation processes.

We are slightly optimistic about 2021 and look forward to seeing how the possible COVID-19 vaccine will change the new normal that we currently live. We can work completely remotely through Teams and Zoom, but undeniably it would be nice occasionally to see our customers face to face. For example, interactive workshops are a bit challenging through a remote connection. Maybe next year? Whatever the case, we wish the readers of Adina’s blog a nice rest of the year.


PS. Our birthday balloons come from Unsplash and the photo is by Jason Leung.