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Adina's turned four! Anu has written the traditional birthday post.
Different kinds of legal and safety messages are also needed in user guides. Ulla and Anu have a few words to say.
What does a localisation coordinator do? Markku, Katri and Maaret describe a day in the life of a localisation coordinator.
We've added to our collection of certificates, now we're also certified technical communicators! Anu tells more.
To wrap up our June blogs, Anu writes about two different styles: academic writing and technical writing.
Content strategy, that wonderful tool for marketing and websites. Or could it work in tech docs too? Laura nodded and wrote about the topic.
Do you think about DITA? Laura does, daily, so much that it spilled over to a blog.
"So, what do you actually do?" Hands up, technical communicators who have heard this before. Laura writes a few words of her work.
No, this is not about the corona virus. In this text, our writer slash standard blogger Ulla writes about technical writers doing storyboarding.
The world's changing. During these few first months, everybody's been embracing digital tools and remote work in leaps and bounds. Anu shares some thoughts.

Adina 3 years!

Happy birthday Adina!
In July, I was in Porto, Portugal, to train technical writers in a technical communication summer course. The course was

About learning

Some weeks ago, I visited Visuon to talk about virtual reality and Visuon's tools for producing VR content. I was
Three months have gone by and summer interns around the country are returning to their studies. Markku has some final words.
Ulla has been spending her free time with a few user guides.
New blog from the newest Adina team member! Our summer trainee Markku publishes his first thoughts about his internship.
Hey, we're one year older again! Anu makes a recap.
Laura’s attending the third Nordic TechKomm conference in Copenhagen, and Adina’s sponsoring the conference. Check out this short post for our sponsorship materials.

Just keep it simple

How do you write a good user guide? Ulla goes through the details.
Speech to text? We're doing video subtitling too. That has its own challenges, which we're describing in this post.
Did you know that how-to videos are one of the most watched video types in YouTube? Should you turn your user guide into a video? Anu has a few words to say.
"Everyone" keeps complaining about the quality of user guides. What are some of the steps us professionals take to produce good quality user guides?
Oh my! Are you naming things in vain?
Happy birthday Adina!

Writing with style

How to write with style? Ulla knows.
User guides are necessary. Anu gives you the reasons why.