Three years ago, Laura, Minna, Maaret, and I founded Adina. We received a lot of support from our previous employer, Microsoft, and also from various experts in our networks.

During these three years, we have carried out several projects with very diverse customers. Most of our customers are from Finland, but little by little we have expanded our activities to other parts of Europe as well.

It has been delightful to notice the top-class talent in various industries in Finland. Our customers design and manufacture for example medical devices, consumer electronics, big machines and systems, and devices used in virtual and mixed reality. Companies in Finland develop products which improve people’s health and quality of life – that’s fantastic! It is interesting to work with these companies.

When a company grows, it is important to pay attention to processes. When a customer asks for our help in improving the quality of their documentation, we often notice that the problem is not that experts wouldn’t want to or know how to create good documentation. Instead, the problem lies in processes.

Due to companies’ organisational structures, people often work in silos and concentrate on carrying out the tasks and meeting the goals of their units only, and ignore the goals of the entire company. There are problems especially in such processes that affect all units, and one such process is the product development process. Many employees may not be familiar with the product development process, or there’s no documented product development process whatsoever.

When planning the product development process, companies should pay special attention to those points where the processes of different units meet. If everyone is aware how the responsibility for the product is transferred from one unit to another, the work proceeds quickly and efficiently. In addition, proper process development and process description diminishes the uncertainty amongst employees on what are their responsibilities and tasks. When the work instructions are in order, then, surprise, surprise, the quality of the work also improves.

Adina has already been involved in improving the processes of several companies. Our area of expertise is of course processes related to documentation, content creation, and localisation. Every company usually has one not-so-mature process. At Adina, we’re currently improving our marketing and sales processes.

In three years, we have proceeded from writing user guides to improving processes. Next year, we will develop our training offering. We have planned to organise webinars and we will arrange trainings also outside of Tampere, for example in Oulu. So, people in Oulu, if you need training in technical communications, contact us and propose ideas.

Congratulations to us at Adina. Our fourth year together starts now!

– Anu