Adina Solutions Oy was founded a year go by four co-owners. For the first six months in the Hermia office in Hervanta, Tampere, we were busy setting up our operations, as we already had customers for whom we wrote user guides and gave consultations. In the spring, we moved to Crazy Town, a coworking site in the centre of Tampere, close to the railway station. The location is handy, as it is easy to jump on a train and meet our customers, who are located in various parts of Finland.

During the year, we have set up a network of experts and partners to be able to serve our customers well and help their business grow. Lately, Mirka Huhtanen joined us as a project manager, and Ulla Ojanen as a technical writer.

During the past months, we have also strengthened our expertise with for example business knowledge, visual communications, and service design. Our CTO Laura Katajisto, who is currently taking media studies to strengthen her already strong knowledge of graphics design, website design, and video production, commented: “Besides technical communication, during our first year as Adina I have been able to utilise all the skills I have gained over the years, such as digital marketing and search engine optimisation. A versatile background really helps an entrepreneur.” Our team is strong and proficient, and we always choose the right persons for each of our customers’ projects.

During the first year, we have designed various user guide concepts and templates for both printed and online media, and written several user guides for different products and for both large and small companies. We have coordinated localisation projects, co-operated with print houses, studied various paper types, solved tools issues, and done everything that is needed for creating good quality user guides.

In addition to user guides, a big part of our work is to help our customers when they start having a lot of instructions or any other content, both visual and textual. The challenges our customers face cover the entire life span of content: how to produce, manage, publish, and update content as efficiently, quickly, and easily as possible? How to help the users of the content find the exact instructions, pictures, or other needed content quickly and easily? How to save end users and content providers’ time, and ease their anxiety when facing a huge mass of information? Which tools should be used? How to improve the entire process? These are the questions to which we seek answers together with our customers. We have already helped various companies improve their technical communications processes, develop content for scalable websites, plan information design, and create taxonomies and metadata. We are driven by our will to help our customers and their customers to find their way in the labyrinth of producing and finding information.

As out first accounting year is about to close, I want to thank our employees, supporters, partners, and above all our customers for this rewarding first year. Let’s start heading towards our second anniversary.

– Anu Granroth, CEO